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About the Series...

"The Tools & Techniques are the best of the best, when it comes to getting the right answer, the first time. They are both practical and easy to dig out the diamond of knowledge, when you need your answers. I would highly recommend them to both professionals and interested clients. They are great!"

Keith R. Dorson, MBA
University of Phoenix
Scottsdale Campus

"That is great that the Tools & Techniques Series is going to conform to the CFP topics list. Great Work!!"

Edward R. Wolfe, Director
Financial Planning Program, Western Kentucky University

"Leimberg’s Tools and Techniques Series are required texts for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification Education Program curriculums I design and direct. The subject material is concise, clearly presented and covers the 101 CFP® Certification Examination Topic List."

Dr. Robert D. Lovett, CFP® Managing Partner, ASTWELL Consulting

About Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit & Retirement Planning...

“My perennial favorite, the Tools and Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning provides clear, correct, current information in a digestible format that is conducive to the learning process. We can emphasize those Chapters that have most relevance, and de-emphasize areas that we feel are beyond the scope of our major objectives.”

James M. Knaus, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, MSM
Faculty Chair, Oakland University , Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, Global Wealth Advisors LLC.

“I always look forward to the latest edition of any of the Tools & Techniques Series, but especially the Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit & Retirement Planning. This area changes so much and so rapidly that I have found that only a resource like this can keep up- -and this one is the best at keeping up. I view it as the most authoritative source available and wouldn't be without it.”

Edward R. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance and Director, Financial Planning Program, Western Kentucky University

"The feedback that I get back from students about the Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit & Retirement Planning text has been very positive. They feel that it provides valuable information about the items that we study, and is easy to follow. The references also assist students who want additional information."

Sam Van Why, CLU,ChFC

"If you work in the retirement planning or employee benefit areas, you need this book. It provides clear, easy to understand explanations of a fairly complex subject."

Robert Pennington, JD, LLM

"Regarding the test bank for Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning, the questions in it are very usable. Most test banks include too many questions that are too easy to use. This test bank includes challenging questions. I look forward to more questions with more application and evaluation."

Vickie Hampton, Program Coordinator, Financial Planning Program
Texas Tech University

About Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning...

"I started out using the Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning as a reference source in my preparations for my Estate Planning course. I used it so much that I now regularly require it as one of my texts in my course. I wouldn’t be without it! This is the first Life insurance text that I am recommending to current agents as a desk reference, regardless if they intend to pursue a CFP® designation. The information is well organized and easy to find. The text answers real life questions that you will find in the field."

Bertram "Bill" Unger, CFP®
Astwell Consulting/Barry University

“I believe the Tools and Techniques of Estate Planning, 13e is among the best books available for bankers, lawyers, insurance professionals, and certified financial planners who are seeking to get a working understanding of estate business succession planning as well as estate administration. The book is well written, easy to understand, and is a good go-to reference book.”

Russell J. Fishkind, Assistant Adjunct Professor
New York University

About Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning...

"I have used a number of different textbooks in my graduate personal financial planning course. The course is designed for students who want to become personal financial planners and may want to sit for the CFP® exam. Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning is by far the very best text book that I have used for this course. Unlike many personal financial planning texts, it is written from a practitioner’s point of view. It covers all of the needed topics at an appropriate level and includes a number of very good case studies that are excellent for class discussion."

David S. Murphy, Ph.D., CPA, CFP®
Professor and Chair – Department of Accounting
Director – MBA Program Financial Planning Track
Lynchburg College

About Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning...

"The Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning presents all of the essential topics necessary to master a broad range of investment concepts in a comprehensive, well-ordered presentation. Beginning students should find the chapter breakdowns very helpful in acquainting them with the important concepts of risk and portfolio management. Advanced students will especially like the detailed illustrations, especially in the Chapter 32 discussion of time value concepts. For candidates in any Certified Financial Planner™ Program, the adjunct website material offers a CFP® Certification Examination Topic List Correlation Table that will be especially welcome. The textbook’s chapter and subheading titles closely parallel the CFP® Board’s list, facilitating the search for particular information on a specific investment concept. From beginning student to CFA® Charterholder, this latest edition to the T&T series should be a welcome edition to home reference libraries.”

Ken Mullin, CIMA®, CFP®
KJC Capital Management

About Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning...

"I have found the Tools and Techniques Series to be an indispensable resource for my students. The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning is particularly useful to my students because the format enables them to quickly and thoroughly review each of the policy types and applications for life products. I use the book as a supplement in my Life Insurance Planning class, but have found that most of my students use it as their primary tool."

Joseph W. Tombs, JD, MBA, MSFS, CFP®, CLU, ChFC Assistant Professor of Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University

"I taught the Life Insurance course at Kent State University for many years. Finding a suitable text for students was always a problem until I found Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning published by National Underwriter. While not written in traditional style or form, it has proven to provide very understandable concept examples provides an excellent resource for both students and field agents. Most students have kept the text instead of selling it at the end of the semester."

Carl W.Shallenberger, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, AEP

"The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning is a great text for preparing professionals for the CFP exam and profession. It covers the topics thoroughly and clearly. The best advantage, however, is how well it works as a reference later. The extensive index makes finding "the answer" easy and efficient."

Judith Mills, Instructor
University of Hawaii, Manoa

About Tools & Techniques of Practice Management...

"I find the Tools and Techniques of Practice Management to be one of the most practical and up to date text books for the financial services industry. It is a must read for anyone starting their own financial planning practice and anyone starting their own financial planning practice and anyone that wants to take their practice to the next level. I am looking forward to teaching this book for my upcoming financial planning courses."

Pierre M. Movsessian, CFP®, MBA
Instructor for UCLA Extension & University of Phoenix
President of Miyakawa, Movsessian & Associates

"The Tools & Techniques of Practice Management is an excellent book for anyone involved in the business of financial planning, whether you're just getting ready to start for the first time, or have been a successful professional for year. Packed full of real life examples from real professionals and references to additional resources, and oriented towards practical suggestions and principles that can be applied, this book will bring value to anyone that reads it. No matter what stage of your career you're in, you can learn something from this book - whether it's about tax and regulatory issues of business and compensation structures, business succession issues like selling your practice or taking on a partner, or technology and software issues."

Michael E. Kitces, MSFS, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC
Director of Financial Planning
Pinnacle Advisory Group

"Long before I got to the end of the book I felt like I was having a private consulting arrangement with the authors worth thousands of dollars. Every page is packed with indispensable alternatives and understanding...This is an extraordinarily valuable work containing not only their years of experience and uncommon wisdom but also some of the best thinking from dozens of leading practitioners. Not a theory book, but a practical guide to organizing and running a practice today."

J. Jeffrey Lambert, CFP®
Co-Managing Partner, Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC
Program Director, Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program
University of California, Davis Extension

"Dave Drucker and Joel Bruckenstein have wonderfully condensed their collective knowledge of practice management for advisors into this detailed roadmap. The Tools & Techniques of Practice Management provides a comprehensive and practical view of practice management from business model selection to customer cultivation and office infrastructure, all with a focus on best practices for success. Given that this book presents real-world advice on three of the major challenges facing advisors today - practice management, target marketing, and succession planning - this is a must read for advisors seeking to build a world class business."

Charles("Chip") Roame
Tiburon Strategic Advisors

"David and Joel have created a must have handbook for financial planners. Rich with practical advice and anecdotes from experienced planners and comprehensive in its scope, both new and veteran planners can use this book to leverage their practices. Read the book from cover to cover or focus on those chapters where you need help, you will find the time well spent."

Cheryl Holland

"This outstanding book tackles the simplest and hardest issues a planner encounters. It doesn't miss a beat as it defines a problem and gives solutions to such critical issues as compensation, marketing, problem clients, partnering and technical support systems. It effectively synthesizes the art and science of building and managing a financial planning business. Dave and Joel have created the ultimate planner guide book for the present and future. Use it and you will survive and prosper."

Vern Hayden

"Unbelievably user friendly, practical and packed with great ideas. This book will not stay on your shelf."

Deena B. Katz®

About The Tools & Techniques of Retirement Income Planning...

"Retirement Income Planning is an excellent source of information for practitioners with clients in retirement and for clients. In a well structured sequence this text addresses the issues of managing wealth and income in retirement. It provides an overview of the issues and strategies important to income management. This book is an excellent reference for financial professionals and for individuals who want to develop a retirement income plan."

Dr. Robert D. Lovett, CFP®
Managing Partner, Astwell Consulting

About The Process of Financial Planning...

"The Process of Financial Planning is an exceptional resource for understanding what is entailed in the stages of the financial planning process and preparing a personal financial plan. It professionally explains the development and implementation of a coordinated plan to achieve overall financial objectives. This book is an excellent reference for financial professionals and for individuals who want to develop a financial plan."

Dr. Robert D. Lovett, CFP®
Managing Partner, Astwell Consulting

About Tax Facts...

"I believe Tax Facts is an invaluable resource to everyone in the financial services industry. I can spend a lot of time searching the Internet for understandable explanations of various tax issues related to insurance, pensions, employee benefits, etc. or spend a few minutes with Tax Facts and find a reliable answer."

Mandell S. Winter, Jr., Director of Professional Development
MassMutual - Rocky Mountain Agency